Stimulated by the ceaseless growth in popularity of the stable isotope science, and urgent need to discuss recent developments in the inorganic mass spectrometry technique, this conference is organized. Besides it will bring together international scientists experienced in theory, instrumentation and applications to discuss and promote progresses in the field.

The 3rd Korea-Japan joint workshop on isotope ratio mass spectrometry ends successfully.  Thank you very much for joining the workshop.

고마워요 ありがとう

Scientific Program

Winner of the young student award

Poster Presentation

Yuki Hibiya et a. (The Tokyo Univ.)

Oral presentation

Nak Kyu Kim (KOPRI)

Takaharu Saito (Nagoya Univ.)

Discussion Meeting on Isotope Ratio Mass : Next Venue

Venue: Hokkaido, Japan

Hosting by Junji Yamamoto (Hokkaido University)

Plenary Lecture : 2 (Drs. J. Park and K. Nagao)

Keynote Speech : 1 (Dr. T. Yokoyama)

Contributed Paper : 28

Poster Presentation : 25

Total Number of Participants : 72 (Students : 27)

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